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Insect catcher MPX-2000DXB

Japanese first adhesive tape insect catcher bland / Safe and sustainable adhesive force / This product is manufactured in Japan under the thorough system of quality control

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For food factories, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, industrial factories and so on.

Japanese first adhesive tape insect catcher
Product brochure
This insect catcher is widely used in supermarkets, food factories, restaurants and so on to keep the space clean.
Lure flying insects by 365nm light, catch by strong special glue tape effectively. The insect catching tape holds the dead insect on the tape to maintain the environment clean. The glue tape is made of resin that is the most suitable for catching insects. It is possible to keep its stickiness more than 1 year containing no harmful substances.
- HACCP safety standard -
You can use these products as a part of implementation of HACCP.


Model Dimensions Weight Effective area Lamp Tape Power source
MPX-2000DXB 690×75×230mm 2.8kg 30-50㎡ 20W
S-20 100V 50Hz/60Hz
220V 50Hz/60Hz
Insect trapping tape S-20 x 5, Chain x 2, English manual
Plug type: TypeA, TypeC, TypeE,


  • Powerful adhesive tape

    Even if only a leg of an insect touches the sheet, it can capture the insect as the sheet has a thick adhesive layer.

  • Insect luring lamp

    Lure flying insects efficiently by 365nm wavelength of light. High insect luring efficientry.

  • Installation example

    You can select models from rich lineup to suit any place

  • Easy replacement

    Easy replacement of insect catching tapes and a lamp.