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Electric Fish Scaler AST-150

- Commercial use Fish Scaler - It is perfect for scale removal. The conical shape blade is also good for herring, haddock, tilapia, halibut and so on.

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For various fish species

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The proprietary design including 10 blades with angles means that it will completely remove even fine scales. To avoid damaging the fish, the blades have rounded corners.

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Model Rotation speed Flexible shaft length Dimensions/Unit Weight/Unit
AST-150 0~4,500rpm 1.5m / Optional: 2m 200×110×150mm 2.2kg
Dimensions/Handle Weight / Handle Power consumption Power source
φ53×235mm 480g 18W 100~240V 50/60Hz


  • Original design of rotating blades

    Original design including 10 angled blades completely removes even small scales.

  • washable grip

    The motor is built into the main unit, so the rotating blades and grip can be washed with water.

  • Safety function

    A safety cover for the rotating blades is attached and a safety feature that automatically turns it off when it senses an unusual load.

  • Wall mounting

    Includes wallmount brakets.