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Urinary incontinence device for men Dandy Urinar

 Urinary incontinence device for men.

An easy-to-use, comfortable urinary incontinence device for men. Attaches to your pants Reduce load on caregivers Reduction of the financial burden

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No Discomfort after Urination.

Attaches to your pants for easy attachment and removal Insert “Mr.Urinar” into the fly of your pants and secure it to the pants with clips. With a few steps, you can easily attach or remove it while still wearing your clothing. 
This device can be washed and used repeatedly.
A strong ally for men who worry about going to the bathroom.
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Model Receiver Receiver size Weight of Receiver Tank size
AS-DUR010 Silicone W5.8 x D13.5 x H6.0cm approx. 70g W30 x D24 x H11cm


  • No discomfort after urination!

    There is no thermal discomfort or itching after urination. In addition, there is no unpleasant stiffness when wearing the device for a long time and no physical stress from clamping of a belt.

  • Reduction of the Financial Burden

    This device can be washed and used repeatedly.

  • Contents of the set

    Urine collector with 250ml bottle, Garter, Supporter, Bottle 350ml

  • Reduced Load on Caregivers

    After urinating, simply remove the bottle with a single touch and dispose of the contents.