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Insect catcher MP-061

Easy- to-use compact body / Safe and powerful adhesive tape / Possible to hide the tape by adjusting covers

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Insect catcher is widely used in supermarkets, food factories, restaurants and so on to keep the space clean.
Lure flying insects by 365nm light, catch by strong special glue tape effectively.
Our special insect catching tape holds the dead insect on the tape to maintain the environment clean. The glue tape is made of resin that is the most suitable for catching insects. It is possible to keep its stickiness more than 2 years containing no harmful substances.


Product name Dimensions Voltage Weight Insect luring lamp Effective area Insect trapping paper (Mushipon)
Insect Catcher MP-061 331×128×114mm 100V 50Hz/60Hz
220V 50Hz/60Hz
650g 6W
40㎡ AS-6


  • Powerful adhesive tape

    The tape is made of resin that is the most suitable for catching insects, resulting in its double catch rate compared to traditional peel-off insect catching paper.

  • Possible to hide insects on tape by covers

    This model is good for space where customers visit since it is possible to adjust the covers to hide  the  insects on adhesive tape.

  • Floor, wall and ceiling mounts are available

    The unit can be installed in a variety of ways. e.g. Placing unit horizontally, wall hanging, suspending.

  • Energy-saving model (with inverter)

    Eco friendly model with an inverter.